Painting from the school of Abstract Expressionism, I use color, texture, and layering to tell deeply personal and complex stories of my life. Each painting is comprised of many layers and each hidden one conveys its own story through the ripples and marks it leaves on the surface of the finished canvas.

None of us is an individual story told in a single painting. We are all of them combined. Every day. Our experiences shape us in hidden ways, creating complicated patterns we may never fully see and that others can only sense. My canvases reflect those nuanced layers of our interior selves through color and laborious brushwork. I can only hope the end results show that even the most broken things in us shine with beauty if we take the time to look at ourselves through eyes colored only with love of self.

Enjoy my work for its riot of color and movement or explore the deeper meaning and hidden stories each painting whispers to you. Your journey and experience with my work is just as personal as mine.